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Thick walls map style


Trying out my new light table and a new style. The walls are about 2-3 mm thick which is a bit thicker than I would like. I'm going to try again with a 2 mm thickness. I like the feel of the walls when drawing them like this. Not certain how I feel about the end product.

I love the new light table although I will have to play with my chair height a bit as I found sitting at the table a bit tiring.

I also went back to drawing the background gird by hand. I find it realxing and gives me something to do while I htink about the layout of other parts of the map. I also think the hand drawn grid looks better than the ones pasted digitally into the maps.

I would love some feedback on these - let me know what you think or if you use the map for an=ything cool.

I am also loving the new colour palette - I am using the same palette for the website that I am using in the maps. Feedback on the colours would be appreciated too!

Thick walls style keyed

I've got the unkeyed version as well.

Thick walls style