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the Portal


The Portal Map - Keyed
The portal - inspired by stargate, by the nether portal, by the dark portal, by many other gateways to the unknown this gateway glows with a green light. What adventures and horrors await on the other side?

When I was in college one of the DMs we played with had an old Druid who sent us on a series of quests collecting items and beings and artifacts from across the world and across time. We were playing in the area around Baldur's Gate in the Forgotten Realms but these quests took us into Kara Tur, north into the frozen wastes, to the MoonShae, to the Forbidden Desert, to Myth Drannor, South to the Jungles, into stepped Pyramids... every where there was a map we had to visit. The ancient Druid sent us through portals to different times and to places we later found out were on different worlds. We visited Ket and Furundy. We sailed on the Azure Sea.

It was an epic game and lasted a little over a year.

The final object was a Well of Many Worlds. Little did we know what he had in mind. With the items and knowledge we had gathers this old druid tamed the well. Holding the Well of Many Worlds and concentrating on a location - you could if you were strong enough - control the destination.

It was one of those moments in a game I will always remember.

It was on my mind when I say down to draw to day and I ended up with a small-ish five room dungeon with a gate glowing brightly. Let me know what you think and if you use the map in a game. As always feedback is welcomed. Tried something new with the tiled stone floor.

The Portal Map

stone texture from requiemstock on deviantart.