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the Pillar in the Deep


Alt Image Text Buried deep - deep enough to never see the sun is the Pillar. A glowing stone. Scores of feet tall. Depending on the time of 'day' the light ranges from a cool bright glow to a intensity that pains the eyes. The light is tinted blood red - and feels thick and warm.

Perhaps so many humans have been sacrificed here that thier blood has forever tainted the light deep in the stone. Perhaps the light from a deep fire is changed and glows through this crystal displaying the power of the lava below. Or perhaps the sunlight above is changed as is it is forced deep into the ground to flow out of this to push it's light into the darkness.

Whatever the cause something this rare is going to be desired by any who find it. Hoarded by those with the power to hold it. And exploited by any who can master it. What will happen to you when you encounter the Pillar in the Deep.

  1. the Antechamber
  2. Home?
  3. the Pillar
  4. the Exit
  5. the Altar in the dark

(Sorry but I really over did it on the weekend and typing is pretty painful with my wrists so only titles for the rooms this week)

I've included a non keyed versions of the images as well.

Alt Image Text