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The Mason's Vault


the masons vault keyed map

It's not a surprise that the Masons are famous for working with stone. For as long as there has been stone there have been masons and for as long as there has been history there have been masons trying to be recorded and remembered for all time.

The Mason's Vault is a small but lavish underground crypt that the masons started to turn into a records hall but mysteriously stopped. Masons don't talk to people who aren't masons and they certainly done explain any decisions they make to anyone.

The Mason's Vault

  1. Secure Room

A stout oak door with iron straps, two bolts, and hasps mounted into the rock for three heavy locks means whatever the masons placed in this room would stay in this room. Since they moved out the room is empty. Well made but plain the room may have been used as storage for the tools and plans for the vault before the masons moved out.

  1. High Gallery

In the Gallery the floors, walls, and ceiling quite literally glow. Forty foot tall ceilings clad in massive marble slabs. A soft pinkish glow emits from the marble lighting the rooms in a pleasant but not too bight wash of light.
The archway between the rooms stretches to twenty feet in height and has intricate patterns carved along every inch of the span.
a The larger room is almost a perfect square forty by forty by forty and marking on the floor indicate a large center peice may have been planned for this room.
b The smaller room features a vaulted ceiling that with a seamless transition from wall into the arch for the ceiling with the peak running the entire length of hte room. the far end of the room a massive niche is marked in the wall but was never started.

  1. Low Gallery

Three connected rooms form the lower gallery. Two rooms (b, c) are nearly finished but lack the marble clad walls of the main gallery. These rooms have a twelve foot ceiling and flat coffered ceilings. The third room (a) is still in progress as the floor, walls and ceiling still show the rough formation of hte natural cavern.

  1. Construction Zone

Two rooms in varying degrees of construction. The floor is only partially smoothed and the walls a still raw.
a the larger room has strange markings on the walls and floor that may indicate plans for the finished room.
b the smaller room has barely been changed from the raw cavern.

  1. Grand Room

This room can only be described as awesome. The walls and floor have a spiral pink colouration that is nearly mezmerizing. Everything seems to draw your eye to the far side of the room. Masterworkmaship is abundant wherever you look. Except for the ugly scar of a collapsed wall. The soft pink of the floor and walls spills into a ugly dark red natural passage. Perhaps this is why the masons gave up on this site?

  1. Lower Cavern

Dark, Damp, Cold... as the masons work is beautiful this is ugly. Raw rock and sharp angles make the cavern seem small and oppresive but in reality it is huge. Drips of water cause a nearly endless echo of sound as you move though the darkness. The reverberating sound can fool you into thinking it is footsteps...

  1. Upper Cavern

With a high natural ceiling hosting large staligtites stabing down towards the floor. Unlike the other natural areas of the vault this area has an smooth sandy floor. The red color from the rocks below rises from the floor but ends quickly. Giving the walls the appearance of flames or waves as the deep red geives way to the pale grey and brown higher up the walls.
The drip of water and echo of sounds is not heard hear. The room is silent.
Entering this room you know that this room and whatever occupies it is the reason the masons left this site. Perhaps it would be wise to follow the masons example and leave the site before you learn why they left after all.

I hope you like the Mason's Vault Let me know what you think!

I've included unkeyed maps as well.

the masons vault map