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sylvan safehold


Alt Image Text The Sylvan Safehold is a small castle on an easily defensible peninsula. Protecting and patrolling the only safe harbor on the coast for several leagues the safe hold is a great location to patrol the wilderness and to collect taxes.

The construction of this safehold itself is something that is amazing. The stones used are massive - each weighing many hundreds of tons - yes you could not force a dagger point between the joints. The gates and doors look like oak wood but they are as strong or stronger than granite. The outer building like the stable and smithy are made of the same wood - or rather grown of the same wood. There are no joints visible in any of the woodwork.

1. The Safehold

The safehold takes up the entire peninsula. The outer walls are thirty to thirty-five feet tall. The gate towers are a little larger. The wall towers are another twenty feet and are covered with a thick roof to protect the tops of the towers form mundane and magical missile fire.

a Main Keep

Like the rest of the safehold the main keep is constructed of immense stones fitted together with inhuman accuracy. THe entry facing the gates is two stores while the main building is three stories the small towers flanking the entry are three (north) and five (south) stores tall. THe tower attached to the main keep is nine stories tall. The main keep acts as the garrison for the local division of the queens lancers, the local constabulary, and a well provisioned tax collectors guards.

This is also the seat of power of the Barony of East Hevern. The Baroness Clervenck currently holds this title and these lands. She plots to grab more lands and more power but is extremely crafty and the crown holds her in very close confidence. She also has her own retainers and a strong force of land a sea marines stationed in the main keep.

b North Tower

The north tower is newest building in the safehold. The tower itself is part of the northern wall and soars a hundred feet into the air. The lower levels is used for mundane purposes - containing armories and mess halls for the garrison. THe upper levels are for more mysterious purposes. Magical laboratories and libraries are contained in the upper levels with the very top levels reserved for only a few very elite members of the Baroness Clervenck's mystics. These mystics labor night and day to find ways to increase their power and the power of their mistress.

c Old Tower

The easternmost tower was the original fortification of the keep. It holds an older armory and storage, a kitchen, small mess and barracks and a suite of rooms for the master of the tower. Used mainly as accommodation for guests visiting the safehold.

d Light House and Prison

This tower is basically an empty shell. The upper floor is a light house that shines a bright beam of light into the dark night signally the (relatively) safe harbor available to ships at sea. The lower level and dungeon are reserved for any who are a "guest" of the Baroness due to problems with taxes or a disagreement in politics. The mystics frequently liberate the prisoners for use in dark experiments - it is unclear if the Baroness is aware of these activities.

e Bastion

The Bastion serves two purposes. First it provides the garrison in the keep an iron hard grip on the entry into the harbor. From the walls the garrison can turn back any sea based attack on the harbor. A massive trebuchet is located in the center of the bastion and can be rotated nearly 270 degrees to allow for a an impressive arc and range of fire. The ground on the inside of the bastion also serve as the training grounds for the various military groups stationed in the safehold.

f Main Gates

The gate house over the main gates is impressive - two stout towers guard the the narrow land connecting the peninsula with the main land. These structures alone would be a formidable defense but there are two towers to the north of the gates set into the waters of the harbor. These towers are connected by bridges thirty feet in the air and allow for further attacks onto the isthmus approaching the main gates. These towers also connect the main keep with the old harbor.

2. Old Harbor

The original harbor with a tower, gate house and a few warehouses. The harbor is used mostly by the Baroness and her retainers as the new harbor allows for larger vessels and better tax rates. Rarely smaller vessels are docked here if the main harbor is too full to accommodate all the ships. Officially the Old harbor is under the control of the highest ranking officer of the Queens Lancers but in reality this distinction has not been observed in generations.

3. North Redoubt

The northern redoubt is a small fort with a secondary tower attached by a bridge. This is a lookout and defensive position rarely used for protection of the main keep since the last invasion of the green hordes. In recent years the redoubt has been the main base for the Outlanders. The Outlanders are a small force of rangers and woodsmen who patrol the forest and keep the locals safe. The outlanders have moved out of the main keep officially to be closer to the land and the people they server and unofficially because of anger and mistrust between the Outlanders and the Baroness' mystics.

4. New Harbor

Constructed after ships began arriving too large to dock at the old harbor the new harbor offers deeper waters and more wharf space. A pair of small warehouses sit outside the walls along with a very small customs office inside the bailey gate and barbican.

5. South Redoubt

The southern redoubt - like the northern counterpart - is a sturdy fortress and attached tower. Where the northern fort is used to keep an eye on the forest the southern fort and tower is used to keep an eye at sea. The marines use this as a base of operations to keep an eye out for smugglers, pirates, or hostile ships.

Let me know what you think of the map and of the area descriptions or if you use the map in your own game!

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