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Using Sudoku to Seed a Map


Step One: Sudoku

When I commute to work I grab a Metro and do the crossword and the sudoku. I also use the sudoku as a random placement variables to generate ideas for maps. This is a basic (and fast) breakdown of the process from the puzzle to the map.

These are two sudokus from the Metro (Edmonton Alberta edition).

2013 December 19

Alt Metro Dec 19 2013

2013 December 20

Alt Metro Dec 19 2013

Step Two: Random Numbers

The next thing I need are two random numbers from 1-9. Lots of ways to generate them if you have a dice roller you can roll them - I generally take the date 20131219 and add all the digits and keep doing so until you get a single digit.

2013 12 19

2+0+1+3+1+2+1+9 = 19

1+9 = 10

1+0 = 1

or the page number the puzzle is on (42)

4+2 = 6

or the first number I can solve in the puzzle

or anything that gets you a number...

for this example I'll use 1 and 6.

Step Three: Rooms and passages

Mark off the first mnumber in each sudoku grid for rooms - use a box or a circle. Then mark the second number off on each grid for passages - using a slash. Combine rooms that are close or keep them seperate as strikes youre fancy.

Here are the same sudoku grids marked up.

2013 December 19

Alt Metro Dec 19 2013 marked

2013 December 20

Alt Metro Dec 20 2013 marked

Step Four: Finishe the Floor Plan

Looking at the passages and rooms connect it all together - including some passages running out of the grid. Add in elevations - does that passage run through that room? or under it?

Here are the same sudoku grids with the map skeletons.

2013 December 19

Alt Metro Dec 19 2013 skeleton

2013 December 20

Alt Metro Dec 20 2013 skeleton

Step Five: The Arting!

Take your skeleton and use it to make a map. The rooms and passages can shrink and grow or change altogether if the map seems to be pushing in that way.

Here are some sketeches using the skeletons above.

2013 December 19

Alt Lonely Tomb Alt Lonely Tomb

Alt Cult Headquarters Alt Cult Headquarters

2013 December 20

Alt Creeper Cavern Alt Creeper Cavern

Alt Town Alt Town

Alt Underground Lake Alt Underground Lake

Step Six: More Arting!

I usually take three or more drafts to get something I really like but I pushed through to get a map from the underground lake. I rushed through it (and it shows) but you get the idea of the process.

Alt Image Text

So thats it that's how I take the Sudoku and turn it into a map.

Let me know what you think - even if you just think this is crazy.