House Rules


Boardgame initiative

  1. GM rolls 1d6 plus 1d6 for each initiative bonus and counts the highest die - this is the target number.
  2. Each player rolls 1d6 plus 1d6 for each +1 initiative from Dex and counts the highest roll.
  3. If the majority of players tie or beat the target number the players choose who goes first.
  4. Initiative passes to the left

Advantage and Disadvantage

Most bonuses will either grant advantage or cause disadvantage. Advantage is always +3 disadvantage is always -3


Players can add aspects to the situation in place of or in addition to dealing damage. For example a player can use an attack to distract an opponent giving advantage to the other players attacking the same opponent until their next action.

There are several ways to trigger creating aspects.

  1. Announced before the attack roll creating the aspect costs 1/2 damage
  2. Announced before the attack roll creating the aspect replaces damage
  3. Free on a critical strike
  4. Imposed from a fumble
  5. Using an action in place of an attack
  6. Because it sounds cool

Death Rites based on last breath from Dungeon World

Once you reach 0 hit points you stop taking additional damage. Each round on your initiative you make a con stat check (1d20 roll equal or under con). Any player can use an action to stabilize you. If you are not stabilized before you fail 3 con checks you enter death rites. Enemies can attack you and depending on the situation either give you disadvantage on the next con check or automatically fail your next con check.

When you enter Death Rites you have two choices

  1. You die. Or go to live on a farm up north. you choose to start a new character.
  2. You enter death rites. Make an offer to your god and roll the dice (2d6).
Roll (2d6)Death Rites Result
10+You cheat death... This time.
Return to 1 hp, you are -1 on all future death rite rolls
7-9Your bargain has been accepted.
Return to 1 hp, You cheat death but your bargain must be fulfilled.
6 or lessYour bargain is not accepted. Your deity imposes a new bargain on you.
Return to 1 hp, You cheat death but the your god has set for you bargain must be fulfilled.