Fictitious Entry

Having fun with table top games, one post at a time.



image of wood chips

I'm rebuilding a lot of things. In spring there is always an opportunity to start things fresh.


I'm rebuilding my Patreon campaign. I'm rethinking why I am doing it and with that rethinking the goals and rewards.

fictitious entry

A new cleaner look for the site. I'm also going to do more than link drops and map drops. Posts about games I play, things I like, and promoting myself. Posts featuring people I admire.

front line

I'm working on a line of Fronts for Dungeon World. The first is nearing completion and should hit the shelves soon-ish.

Toys for the Sandbox

I'm going into another quarter working with Quinn on Toys for the Sandbox. Quinn has challenged me to leave my comfort zone on a regular basis. I'd like to post regular sneak peeks of the maps I've done for the Toys line.

image from public domain pictures