Haunted Tower

The locals have been complaining about undead attacks for several months. This tower may be a major source of these attacks. Located a few hours east and south of the town of Karibdis and due east of the fishing village of Floryga the tower is older than both towns.

There may have been a mott and Bailey here long ago but any outer wall and moat has long been removed by time or local farmers needing supplies for a fence. The low hill the bailey may have sat on is now covered with a thick layer of dense grass. The grass is in turn coated a yellow powder, fine like corn starch and very sticky.

The grounds of the tower are occupied by dozens of zombies and skeletons and several of the chitinous worms. The skeletons are covered with the same yellow dust/goo and have an acrid smell and shiny appearance. The zombies have patches of yellow caked onto their flesh and are completely naked. The worms are only detectable when they move causing the grass to move.

The tower has a mush worse odor coming from the higher levels. The fourth and fifth levels have a bright light source visible at night.

A broken down tower approximately 15m x 20m in size. A smaller 5m x 5m building is to the east of the main building.

Smaller building

The smaller building has no roof and the east and south walls are largely destroyed. The north wall is intact and the west wall has a large hole that may have been a window in earlier days.

Main Tower

The tower has 5 stories. The east wall on the ground floor is mostly gone. The door would have been on this side.


There does not appear to be an easy way down into the basement. There are several zombies, skeletons and worms in the basement along with larger chitinous animals looking like armadillos with bifurcated tails and long antenna.

Main Floor

There is a large hole in the north west floor leading into the basement and a smaller hole in the south west ceiling leading to the 2nd floor. A ramp in the south east corner also leads to the upper floors. The odor is worse inside than out in the grass.

Second Floor

No one has investigated yet but the odor from the upper floors is significantly worse than the first floor.

Third Floor

Many many books. or none.

Fifth Floor

Above the fourth floor

Fourth Floor

Below the fifth floor