The Market

Where the main road widens between the docks and the tax office you can find a dozen or so open air stalls and carts that sell fresh fish, food, and trinkets from around the country side.

The Magician

Nearly every day from sun up to sun down a tall magician in worn but well made clothes will do tricks in exchange for pennies or food from a nearby stalls. He is friendly and usually willing to chat. When not performing he can been seen feeding his pet rabbit. Besides card and coin tricks - close up magic - his main trick is to place his cloak over his portable table, place his hat on the cloak, then reach in and pull out his pet rabbit. Then reversing the process and making the rabbit disappear. The rabbit can otherwise regularly been seen in a crate under the portable table.

St Donald's

A new stall has opened is doing great business in fish sandwiches. St Donald's offers fried fish on potato buns with a slice of local cheese. You can also get fried fish skewers but the sandwiches are their main seller.

Fish Sandwichtoasted potato bun, battered green fin, local cheese, and white sauce2sp
Fish Wrapbattered green fin, bacon, local cheese, white sauce, wrapped in non leavened bread3 sp
Fish and crispy tatersbattered green fin with white sauce with fried local potatoes4 sp
Donald's meal for young eatersa fish sandwich cut in half22 cp
Water...1 cp
Beerits not water3 sp
Good BeerIts good7 sp
paper sheetbasic paper5 sp
fine paper1 gp
spell paper5 gp
cheap bookstitch bound book with wood cover60 gp
bookstitch bound book with cloth cover80 gp
bookstitch bound book with leather cover110 gp