A small(ish) temperate costal town known for its local fish.

Particularly the Green Fin and the long Gar. The Green Fin is a variety of Tilapia that is remarkable for being salted. The Salted fish lasts longer than other varieties when properly cured. While the Long Gar reach incredible sizes.


Where the main road widens between the docks and the tax offices you can find a dozen or so open air stalls and carts that sell fresh fish, food, and trinkets from around the country side.

tax office

The tax office is where C. Hinton Karlsun collects taxes due. He has a group of general ruffians that do his bidding and keep the peace in the region.

duplicate talisman

Sawdust floors, wooden tables, and iron hard men are what you will generally find in Harrell Cochrane's tavern. There are only three rules: pay up front and mind your manners.

iron and elixirs

The blacksmith is so far from the centre of town it might be hard to find at first. Glahan makes good, if plain, products and his partner Toxz can make any kind of remedy you might need.

turtle sactuary

st dinalds