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osr superstar


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I’m proud to have made it to the second round of the osr superstar contest

In the first round it was a set of arrows that got me into round two but honestly the arrows were not my favorite of the three entries I submitted to Tenkar's Tavern for the contest. My favorite was Yasley's Ring of Visibility a ring that lets you view the invisible when you peer through it like a monocle - a handy thing to have around even if it makes using it more than a little awkward.

Who knows maybe Yasley, Garut, and Kef will make further fictitious entries.

Good luck to all who made it to round two!

My three entries were:

Yasley's Ring of Visibility

When worn it does nothing. But sight through the ring can view invisible, astral, or displaced beings or things. When used in combat the ring reduces the penalty to attack invisible targets to -1.

Garut's Cursed Coins

No one is certain how many of these coins are in existence. They appear ordinary if a little more worn than usual. When used to pay for a service the recipient must save vs spell or suffer the effects of a suggestion spell. The suggestion invoked is to provide the service agreed in an honest and practical way.

Kef's Tracking Arrows

When these arrows strike a target the target is marked. A target marked in this way can be located as if a locate object spell has been cast on them. The arrows owner must concentrate for one round to get the direction of the marked target. The owner also gets a general feel if the target is close (within 180 feet) or far (over a mile away). The range is up to 3 miles (1 league) and the duration is 72 hours. The target feels uncomfortable. Experiencing deja vu reactions to the arrow owner. Suffering paranoid feelings of being followed or watched while marked. Invisibility and other magic effects that hide the marked target make the tracking less accurate.