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lost temple


lost temple map image

The lost temple is a fairly large temple complete with living quarters for acolytes and a dormitory for the initiates.

The main entry from the street is where most visitors will enter for services. The large foyer is well lit and is a place where the gathered can discuss the business of the temple and the gossip of the day. From the foyer the initiates dormitory can be accessed - in rare cases the penitent can be housed in the dormitory of they can not afford an inn. Those unlucky to find themselves ritually unclean must enter though the secondary entrance to gain access to the ritual bath to cleanse themselves before entering the temple proper.

Inside the temple a fantastic fountain has purified water cascading down into a tranquil pool. Off to one side of the massive fountain is the holy shrine where personal prayers and offereings can be made while the office of the Abbot can be found on the other side of the fountain.

From the main temple there is an archway leading to the sparse cells of the acolytes who serve in the temple.

I really like how this map turned out even if it became too large to be used in for it's original purpose.