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lake dungeon


color map of lake dungeon

I've received some fantastic feedback over the past ten to fourteen days. This is the first map I've completed since absorbing all that feedback. I've simplified the color scheme and instead of providing a keyed version I am providing a black and white - well an almost black and white version. I'm not a big fan of plain black and white so I am going with a blue ink on a pale parchment. Which should degrade nicely for grey scale printing.

almost black and white image of lake dungeon

I've kept the dirt hatching and the bricks (although there are no bricks in this map).

I think most importantly I've started to use a much more rigorous and meaningful tag system. I'll keep the old dungeon and fantasy tags but I've added water and caves to give a better idea of features in the map.

I'm rebuilding the CMS here as well and each post will soon - or eventually - have a few thumbnails with related maps.

Finally I have a few questions:

  1. I'm going to try a two map a week schedule. One dungeon map and one overland map. I'm planning the Monday Map to be the overland map and a map later in the week (tentatively Wednesday) will be the detailed or dungeon map. Then will come the return of the Friday Front! Is this a good idea?
  2. Is the almost black and white a good variant? or should I bite the bullet and just do a full black and white version?
  3. Should I bring back the keyed version?

Finally, I'm starting a Patreon page. Patreon is a project where people can sign up to be a patron and support projects they like - You can become a [patron][psk] of my maps!