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Have you met: Josephine Smythe


Josephine Smythe

Josephine "Joe" Smythe] Josephine is a tough soldier. She can be an ally, adversary, or even a player character. She has extensive military background and training and would fit into a modern, future, post-apocalyptic, or near future setting.


Josephine "Joe" Smythe comes from a long line of fighters. On her Dad's side there are a half dozen boxers, brawlers, thugs, and tough guys. On her Mom's side are generations of enlisting. From the WAC in World War II and the devils brigade - right up to the current generation - her family has served in the military in seven countries and on four continents. She is more proud of her mother's side - but she tended to take after her father's.

She has the dark eyes and hair that run on her fathers side - along with the temper and physical grit that goes with it.

She followed her mother's career path and signed up for His Majesties Armed Forces when she left school and has climbed to the rank of Staff Sergeant. She knows her role and she leads well. Her platoon respects her and her superiors know she can be counted on to get the job done. Her men call her Joe. She hates the name but its been following her for so long it's too late to get anything else to stick.

A decade in the armed forces takes a toll on the body and the mind. Josephine is tough - not "tough for a lady" - just tough. She can hold her own with any one in a fair fight and likely in an unfair one too. She is in great shape with a few aches and pains that comes from a life of fighting and killing. She prides herself in running every mile her platoon runs. She doesn't take a jeep or a carrier to the end she runs the course with her men.

As to be expected with someone with a number of years of military training she has an impressive list of skills related to weapons, fighting, tactics, demolitions, and pretty much any skill that can be used to end a life. She is also well versed in several languages after many deployments all over the globe.

Game Characteristics
Possible Aspects:

  • tough as nails
  • gets the job done
  • walks the walk
  • I can drive that (or use that, shoot that, fly that, etc.)
  • rosetta stones

Possible skills:

  • hand to hand combat
  • guns
  • explosives
  • tactics
  • languages
  • driving and piloting

Possible Equipment:

  • pistol
  • rifle or submachine gun
  • knife
  • maps
  • cypher keys

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Man With Gun by Anna Langova

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