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Hidden Lair


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A five room dungeon featuring my favorite thing - kobalds! Not just a random encounter with the little scaly fellows but kobalds clever enough to make adventurers want to return to the tavern and retire.

Along the right edge of the map is a natural cave system or tunnel system that leads deeper into the unknown. The party - or as I would call them - the victims might be heading deeper into the darkness to seek fame. Or they might be returning from an adventure looking forward to seeing old friends ant telling new tales. As they travel they venture into an area carefully monitored by a small band of kobalds.

1. A Tangled Web

This cavern is filled with spider webbing and smells of ichor and blood. The room feels unnaturally dark and quiet. This because the kobalds have cast magics that make the room darker and light sources less effective in this area. Likewise a spell to dampen sound is also affecting the area.

A few kobalds (never fewer than 2 unless the warren is under attack) are present in the room spying for likely play things. They are very well concealed under and withing the webbing. Casual observation should not detect them but a careful party might be vigilant enough to catch them.

The kobalds in the room have a whistle that make a high pitch squeal. This is the signal that prey is in the webbing. If signaled a party of kobalds from the warren will come into the area and help subdue or kill the intruders.


Small lizard like Humanoids 1-5 hidden in the room 3-15 answering the signal Poor Armor (leather and cloth with scraps of chain or metal) Fair Weapons (spear, bow, dagger) Poison Use (weapons may be coated with poisons) Excellent Camouflage Excellent Surprise or Ambush

2. Kobald Warren

The entire community of the kobalds use this as a living area. Some have made huts or tents along the walls but for the most part they sleep in furs and rugs flung on the floor. Several areas are cleared and used for cooking and eating. The entrance has a blankets and webbing hung from the ceiling completely covering the entrance and keeping light from escaping into the web area.

A small guard area is set up at each of the three exits in this cavern. To the south this is held by a small group if large "elite" kobalds they are significantly better armed than the rest of the tribe. Each member of the tribe is capable (they don't keep the weak around to waste food) and they work as an effective unit. Taking advantage of numbers and flanking moves to their advantage. They know that numbers and not strength is their advantage.

If they look to be overwhelmed the kobalds will parley. Offering treasure, food, and safe passage. They will lead the party into area 5 (see below) in the hopes of using the denizens of the caverns to defeat or weaken them to the point they do not pose a danger to the kobalds themselves.


Small lizard like Humanoids 1-5 at each of two guard posts 20-40 going about daily life Poor Armor (leather and cloth with scraps of chain or metal) Fair Weapons (spear, bow, dagger) Poison Use (weapons may be coated with poisons) Excellent Coordination

Kobald Elite

Small lizard like Humanoids 3-5 a the guard post Fair Armor (leather and chain some with shields) Fair Weapons (spear, bow, dagger, small sword) Poison Use (weapons may be coated with poisons) Excellent Coordination

3. Kobald Headquarters

The kobalds have set this room up as storage and staging. Part of the room is taken up by the food stores while another has the secured treasure of the tribe. A small unit of elite kobalds id on duty at all times - unless the warren is under attack.

The food is edible if disgusting however the kobalds have laced some of the items with poison. Taking something from the pile could be risky. Similarly the treasures are cleverly protected with needle traps coated with painful spider venom.

Kobald Elite

Small lizard like Humanoids 3-5 a the room Fair Armor (leather and chain some with shields) Fair Weapons (spear, bow, dagger, small sword) Poison Use (weapons may be coated with poisons) Excellent Coordination

4. Spider Lair

In this corner is the lair of a handful of giant spiders. The kobalds keep them well fed and make sure the spiders never get to a number where they might want to expand the lair. This is where the kobalds harvest webbing for the main trap area. They dump the people and creatures they take alive for the spiders and also take smaller spiderlings for food and to extract venom.


Large to Giant sized Spiders 5-20 in the caves Good Armor Excellent bite Poison use

5. Nest of Creepers

Between the Spiders and the kobalds is a musty cavern complex. The kobalds watch this area as closely as they watch the webbed trap but for very different reasons. The kobalds are not certain what calls the caverns home but they have lost too many in the exploration to probe too hard. They have lived in the area for generations and the creatures in this cavern haven't tried to expand so the kobalds are happy to have them as neighbors. However good fences make good neighbors so the kobalds keep a close eye on the area.


The kobalds have a well lit path from their lair to the spiders but nothing to the south is lit. Unless forced with deadly force most kobalds will not leave this chamber and enter the caverns.


The main area of the caverns is damp. Slime and water cover the floors, walls, and ceiling. Some areas the water may reach to the mid calf but no deeper. The farther in you get the less likely you can find a dry spot on floor or wall. The air smells think and acrid. At 'b' on the map a cool breeze can be felt. A Careful party will be able to find that a small - a foot or so - hole in the ceiling winds its way to the surface. This is where whatever it is that calls this home goes to hunt. None of the kobalds are aware of this exit.


The nest itself is less a nest and more a rotting pile of offal and slime. The entire pile writhes with the movement of the mass inside. The creepers call this home and defend it fiercely.


Huge scaled Worms 10-30 in the nest 2-5 in the caverns 0-3 out hunting to return later The creepers range from inches across and a few feet long to nearly a foot in diameter and a half dozen long. They are truly worms with no discernible limbs, eyes, or ears. The mouth is very discernible. It covers almost half the front end of the worm. Thick scales cover the worm from end to end with thorny spikes sticking out between the scales. These thorns are the real danger. They carry a powerful paralyzing venom. They jab into the victim and break off. No known antidote is known for the creep paralysis. Live worms are worth a fortune in the right market (most of these markets are illegal). Fair Armor Good Bite Excellent poison (paralysis lasting from moment to days depending on dose received)

Players Map

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