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Forgotten Temple


The Hidden Temple Keyed Map

I've mapped a lot more in the last couple weeks and I've fallen into a "habit" of including large rooms with rounded ends. This one is a huge temple with rows and rows of benches with a reflecting pool filled with crisp, clear, and cold water. The water is not deep and no source can been seen that would keep the water fresh and the pool filled. Drinking the water sates your thirst and calms any anger held in your soul. Anyone foolish enough to immerse themselves finds themselves invigorated - like awaking from a restful sleep.

A huge chair flanked by a trio if raised platforms. The chair is far larger than human scale. Imagine what could fill that seat - what would command the assembled in this temple. Each dias has etched runes along the outer edge with a deep iron ring imbedded in the top of each. Perhaps these can be used to summon the master of the chair? or perhaps they serve another purpose.

The southern end of the temple has partially collapsed providing a steep opening into one of the southern caves. The caves to the south are rough and natural. Significant work has been done to flatten the floor. The walls are slightly damp and coated in lichen. Light doesn't get down here often.

The caves to the north and east are worked and finished. The walls are tiled and smooth with regular niches for lamps or torches. The floors are level and clean - clearly whoever created the temple had plans for these rooms. They are clearly not finished. Perhaps the temple seat will be filled and the plans for these rooms will be completed.

The image above is keyed and here is the unkeyed map.
The Hidden Temple Map

There is also a large and large keyed version of the map.

The nitty gritty. Drawn with pencil and inked with sharpie. One of the last maps I inked.