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Final Tomb of Kings


Final Tomb of Kings

Several weeks ago I started this map. It went through several iterations to get to the final version. First was the rectilinear version. Then after playing around with different templates I could use for guides I did the dungeon waves hello version.

Then my old blog host died - which was bad, but it got me off my ass and I completed my transition to Ram Node - which was good. And I completed my transition off WordPress to Punch - also good.

And I got the final version done. I flipped the layout to avoid the dungeon waving at people. I was rushed a bit with the colorization but I am still very happy with how it turned out.

I've also decided to post the hi-res raw scans again. So the raw tiff version is also available.

As usual feedback is more than welcome - please tell me how I can get better. I'm still learning how to apply effects in pixelmator so advice and critique is always a good thing.

The new blog doesn't support comments (yet) but you can always comment on the G+ post that accompanies this post.

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