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dead beach


Dead Beach map

A long while back I had a module that contained a beach encounter. I loved the encounter itself - the beach had skeletons buried in the sand. If you were lucky enough you might make it up the beach to the path without disturbing them - but likely you were not going to be that lucky.

The one thing that made me think was - why are these skeletons here? Besides being a nice challenge for the players what would make these undead haunt this beach? As far as I can remember there was no real story based reason for them to be there. This week for my first weekly overland Monday Map (trust me the quality will improve with time :) ) I decided to reproduce that old beach encounter but with a bit of a story behind why these dead things are there.

Dead Beach

Dead beach picture

Far in the north there are islands seldom visited by the civilized world. Those that visit and survive talk of savage men. They wear few clothes and have tattoos over much of their bodies. Deep green is their hair and possessing a powerful build with broad shoulders and strong limbs.

On one such island you may find dead beach - or perhaps you can find this on several islands if you venture into these waters. The natives are not fond of outsiders and if captured outsiders are buried in the tidal basin up to their shoulders. The beach is littered with the remains of these victims but not all of them are bleached white and lying on the sand. Some wait under the sand and spring forth when they feel the sand shifting with the footsteps of the living. These skeletons hunger for revenge on the living especially those islanders whom doomed them to a drowning death.

Almost Black and White

And as started last week here is the almost black and white version of the map.

Almost balck and white dead beach map