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Crypt Entry


Crypt Entry Map Keyed No one is quite sure how far and how deep the crypts go but everyone knows this is where they start. A hole in the side of a hill leads into the crypts and form there your wits and your sword will lead you to fortune or death. Fortunately the horror of the depths can be held off for another day.

The Crypt Entry

Other than the brush and grass that has fallen from the hillside into the tunnel the first passage might be found in a manor house or an inn. Straight and steady the passage leads you into the heart of the hill.

1. First Chamber Once this might have been a natural cavern but it is finished to an almost home-like feel. The walls are clean and the floor level. Metal rings in the walls are available to hang torches and several spots are available for fire pits and cooking. Another passage mush like the first leads further into the hill.

A sturdy set of stairs leads upwards into the darkness.

2. Supply Rooms Two neatly organized rooms contain scores of supplies and useful items. a - The outer room has mainly tools and hardware - but little weaponry. Ammo however is plentiful. Stones, Bullets, Arrows, and Bolts are neatly bundled, stacked, crated or boxed. Clearly labeled in several languages. The rules for what you can and can't take and how to pay for the supplies are clearly marked on the walls and on several of the crates. b - The inner room holds food stuffs. Large crates and barrels with cured and packaged food that will last for long periods are neatly stacked in rows. Tuns of water, beer and wine are neatly lined up against the walls. The room is cold. It is clearly been magicked to keep the food stuffs cold and safe for consumption for ling periods of time. Like in the outer room the terms for use are clearly indicated through out the room.

3. The Goblin Room This was the first chamber in the crypts - a long time ago. The walls still feature some of the original occupants decorations. Rough leather masks. Animal skull fetishes. Crude weapons and armor from the small band og Goblins that at one time had called this home. Like the other chambers the walls are smooth and finished and the floor is leveled. The room is well-kept but a sheen of pasty grime covers a great deal of the floor and walls. Some of the artifacts on the wall are marked with the grime as well but for the most part they are clean. Someone must have placed protective wards on them to keep them from getting too dirty. a - The Sky Light. far above a shaft of light from the outdoors filters into the room. Depending on the time of day and weather outside this might bring a bright shaft of sunlight. A dim star shining in the sky. Or perhaps a drip of rain or a powdering of snow from above. b - The over look. A smooth spot on the floor with disturbing stains it also gives a great view down the stairs into the depths. c - The descending stair. This is the stairway that - if the rumors are true - was the site of the first major battle in the crypts. The goblins ambushed a brave warrior and his companions.

encounter option Rather than giving the party a nice leisurely trip into the crypt this room is actually occupied. The skylight above is the key. A swarm of flying monsters calls this chamber home. After the first couple of rooms the party might be feeling a little too safe. This is the perfect time for a swarm of hungry and possible blood sucking beasts to drop down from the ceiling. An angry swarm could even push an unwary character off the over look and down the stairs.

Inquisitive players might be asking why the first battle with the goblins is when a warrior was coming up from the crypts...

4. The True Entry Finally the cavern starts to look like the dangerous wild that everyone fears from crypts. The walls are smoothed and the floor leveled but you can still see a bit of natural cavern here and there. a - The upper chamber is large and airy and has two stairways leading down into darkness. b - the lower chamber is small and little more than an enlarged hallway. On each wall is a warning sign written in several tongues warning that this is the last civilized area you are likely to see in the crypt. Previous visitors have taken to carving their names in the rock wall leaving the room. It appears they add their names on the right when they leave and on the left when they return. The right hand wall has names carved from floor to ceiling for almost a hundred feet. The left hand wall has a score of names. Perhaps the crypt is not as friendly and the entry feels.

5. The Cleaners Two dark chambers are the home of the cleaners. a - First is the Cleaners home. The Cleaners are a pack of undead. Some are fairly fresh - with the rotting flesh and stink of the grave. Others are nothing more than shambling skeletons. They move about the room seemingly at random until cleaning day arrives. Then they travel out into the Goblin chamber and clean it. They don't wash floors or anything like that - they just grab any dead bodies and drag the out of their. They also collect any loose items that might have been dropped as well. Once the Goblin Room is clean they do the same with the True entry. All the garbage goes into... b - The midden. This small er room is waist deep in rotting food and adventurers. Here and there you can make out the struggling form of one of the cleaners that got too far into the heap and can't pull themselves out.

encounter option Besides getting on the wrong side of the Cleaners there might be any number of nasty surprises in the Midden.

This is completely different kind of "dungeon" than what I usually put together. More cultured and civilized. I had originally made the rooms an alchemists underground lair but I didn't like how it turned out.

Hope you like it. I've included the unkeyed versions of the maps as well. Crypt Entry Map

Let me know what you think or if you just took the map and did your own thing with it!