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It's 2014

January is both my favorite and least favorite month. It is the most busy and crazy month in the day job but also the location of my wedding anniversary. January 28, 2014 Marked 19 years! for myself and Shannon. How did we celebrate? Everyone in the house is sick so sleep and binge watching TV was the celebrated form. We will likely do something this Saturday.

I took most of this month off from mapping, or really I took most of the month off from DEADLINES for mapping. I've been transitioning from Pixelmator to GIMP and from Pages to Scribus for publishing - I still write 99% of everything in Sublime Text. Sometime this year I plan to upgrade my art computer and if I can get used to GIMP and Scribus I may try going away from OSX and use an Ubuntu or Elementary distro - wish me luck (and send me tips)!

Old Stuff

Santicore 2013 came out and I am both the first article in volume 1 and on the back cover! As I said yesterday I was really pleased with the process and outcome from Santicore and I hope that I'll be able to participate for many years to come.

Maps - I'm cutting down my free map Mondays. I am continuing to map but with paying work coming in I am losing time to post a map every week. I'm continuing to draw a map for Quinn for Toys for the Sandbox and I am really enjoying the collaboration. It all started with the Traveling Show and the last issue was the Little Thunders. Quinn is great to work with and challenges me in really good ways - like when he asked for a castle build out of the skill of a dead dragon. My favorite map of all the ones for Quinn is the Trade Market - a spot on the road the nomadic tribes meet to trade each year and where some of the civilized world comes to trade with the wild men.

New Stuff

I'm once again re-skinning my blog. I am still using Poet, because I love poet and the control it gives me. Sometime on February the new layout should go live. As a designer this blog should look fabulous and it just doesn't.

I've started a Patreon campaign like everyone else on the planet. I haven't gotten any patrons but I have gotten three commissions out of it so its definitely paid for itself.

The front line. I'm teaming up with my friend (and sister-in-law) to start a series for Dungeon World Fronts. Publishing in PDF and epub formats the front line line of products will be my first self published product. I am hoping to have one ready for release in February with a new one every month after that. The first front is a upgraded version of my very first front - 'a shattered church' that was published here before wordpress ate the post and it was lost to the ether. I'm redoing the map and adding a bunch or art and letting it be a pay what you want title. I'll post availability for them as they launch but they will go live first at RPGNow and in the far far future here on this page.

Other Stuff, Other people

Dyson and Matt are rocketing along with their work. It is no secret that they are very influential in my own work. Dyson got the revival going with his beautiful and elegant black and white maps with his world famous hatching. Matt has an equally famous style all his own. With out these two there is no way I'd be drawing maps at night as I approach my [redacted] birthday.

I am running out of hours in the day but I still like to play games. I'd love to start a BloodBowl league if I can get enough interest and I recently was gifted (thanks Druid!) Rust. My daughter is after me to get back into Lord of the Rings Online and Minecraft, and my Neverwinter characters area getting lonely. Drop me a line if you play any of these - maybe we can play together sometime!

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